Parks in the UK, Germany, Denmark and Finland are set to offer guests some additional family fun in 2012 with the installation of the popular Water Wars water balloon game from UK-based interactive family attractions specialist Innovative Leisure.

Frankisches Wunderland in Plech, Germany, Jesperhus in Nykobing Mors, Denmark, and FunPark in Finland have all recently purchased Mini Water Wars games, the first two of which will open for the start of the new season, with the latter scheduled to open in June. And in the UK, Cornwall’s Crealy Great Adventure Park has added the Water Wars game previously operated at sister venue Devon’s Crealy.

Representatives from Frankisches Wunderland first viewed the game at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Florida last November, making the decision to buy shortly after the event, while those from Jesperhus have viewed the attraction at various European trade shows over the past couple of years and have taken the decision to purchase for the 2012 season.

In the case of FunPark, park representatives made initial inquiries at the EAS trade show in London last October, with that park’s game due for delivery to the venue this month (May) ready for June opening.

Water Wars continues to be a highly successful and popular game for all the family at theme parks and other leisure venues around the world, as well as with mobile operators. The wet play/cool down attraction sees participants launch water balloons at each other from within opposing battle stations using a water balloon catapult, correctly aimed balloons bursting on impact on the roof of the opposing players’ station, emptying the contents on those below.

Even more fun can be had on the attraction with the addition of the optional Depth Charge feature. Players fire the water filled balloons at their opponents in the usual way, but if a balloon lands on a target on the roof of the opposite play station, the Depth Charge positioned in front of that station is detonated, firing a huge spray of water at the participants. A siren and flashing lights are also activated and the feature is available on new installations or as an upgrade kit on existing attractions.

Several different models of the Water Wars game are available, including outdoor and indoor versions along with a junior version which features a reduced length between the player stations and a reduced height compared to the standard models.

Commenting on the attraction at Cornwall’s Crealy Great Adventure Park, the park’s Simon Townsend said: "We installed Water Wars early this year and are really pleased with the results. Guest feedback is fantastic, the whole family can be seen enjoying this attraction, it really complements our other water attractions and adds a different dimension to the park. It has been performing very well financially too. I would recommend Water Wars for any family theme park or attraction."

"Water Wars is a really fun game that anyone over the age of six can enjoy," commented Innovative Leisure managing director, Phil Pickersgill. "It provides fun and entertainment for players as well as spectators as it is so entertaining to watch, while it has also proved popular with operators as it is quick and easy to install and economical to run. The whole system is also very safe, weather proof and requires virtually no maintenance."