Suntago Water World, hailed as the largest indoor waterpark in Poland, has opened as part of the first phase of the development of Park of Poland.

Suntago Water World covers an area of 67,000 mt. sq. The waterpark is home to 18 swimming pools, 32 water slides covering a distance of 3.2km, 10 saunas and luxury spas, and a 40,000 sq. mt. “tropical” garden with imported palm trees and other tropical plants. The waterpark features the longest water slide in Europe, at 320 metres.

Suntago Water World can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Visitors encounter three distinct tropical experiences in areas known as the Jamungo Water Jungle, Relax Suntago and the Saunaria Suntago.

Heightening the tropical experience at Suntago Water World is the temperature of the park, which is set at 32 degrees Celsius.

Park of Poland is located near the town of Mszczonów, less than an hour’s drive from Warsaw. Park of Poland stretches over 190 acres and features a theme park, hotels, a shopping centre and conference venue, as well as Suntago Water World.

According to the site’s developers, Global City Holdings and Wund Group, when completed, Park of Poland will be the second largest entertainment complex in Europe.