It has been confirmed that Evergrande Water World is to be built in Qingdao, Shandong, China, with construction to start soon.

This major waterpark project is being promoted by the Qingdao Municipal Committee and government with a total investment of around 50 billion yuan.

The site will cover a vast area that, as well as the waterpark, will include hotels, commercial and retail centres, and supporting infrastructure.

22 billion yuan is being injected into Water World, hotels and other public places, with the aim of making the resort the world’s leading indoor, all-weather and all-season hot spring waterpark.

The park will also be home to children’s entertainment areas, sport halls, challenging attractions and extreme sports halls.

The project is expected to welcome around seven million tourists every year and achieve around 1.2 billion yuan in tax annually. The site will employee around 20,000 staff.