A new partnership between ICON Park in Orlando and personalized content experts Magic Memories will see the entertainment complex enable guests to take  ‘Orlando’s Most Iconic Selfie’.

The experience is courtesy of an innovative Zoom Selfie camera developed by Magic Memories which will be placed within the ICON Park courtyard. It will be able to focus on individual guests or groups before zooming out to snap an amazing image incorporating the whole of ICON Park as the backdrop. The firm has also developed a new mobile app which allows guests to instantly receive and share their special selfie immediately on their smartphones.

The Zoom Selfie camera has been around for about a year being exhibited primarily in Australia, with the Magic Memories team working on how it can be best used in an attraction to provide a new and innovative new interactive digital experience for guests to enjoy. Now it seems they have figured it out and thus ICON Park is the place to go for one of the best selfies around.

The mobile app will also allow guests to receive discounts off the price of a Zoom Selfie experience when they dine at one of the restaurants or bars located in ICON Park.  It will also be included in a ticket bundle so guests can pre-purchase the Zoom Selfie experience before they even arrive.

There will also be digital kiosks located around the park where guests without the app can buy their special selfies.