Extreme Engineering, an internationally recognised supplier of family-friendly attractions, has shipped its next rollercoaster project to the Middle East.

The rollercoaster is known as the Cloud Coaster and will soar guests into the air, creating the sensation of flying. The track of the ride is more than 200 metres, incorporating twists, turns, sudden drops and uphill lifts.

The attraction will include a raised platform for queuing. It is designed to be installed within the infrastructure of the building, thereby limiting the need for rollercoaster columns.

Extreme Engineering, which holds 15 industry awards, including a recent award from IAAPA’s first Virtual Expo, partnered with an industry leading master planning company to work on the project.

“We are excited about being part of one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world,” said Extreme Engineering in a press statement.

The coaster will be launching at a new theme park in the Middle East at the beginning of 2021. The name of the theme park has not yet been disclosed.