Kings Island in Ohio, US, has partnered with Fischer Homes to offer a new family care centre for parents visiting the 364-acre amusement and waterpark.

The family care centre, which will be located on International Street near the Eiffel Tower, will fulfil the wants and needs of young families visiting the park to provide a safe, private, comfortable nursing and changing experience with storage areas for personal items and waiting areas for accompanying family members.

“Parents with infants and toddlers will find helpful amenities in our new family care centre,” said Kings Island vice president and general manager, Greg Scheid. “It features all the comforts and conveniences of home for our guests.”

Due to open in time for the start of the theme park’s 45th season on April 16, the facade of the family care centre features the unique style of a Fischer Home with a covered porch, while the inside offers restrooms, electrical outlets, charging stations, Wi-Fi services, televisions, ice and hot water.

“Fischer Homes has listened to the needs of families and designed a unique child and parent-friendly space at Kings Island that allows families to attend to their children in a relaxed home-like setting,” said Steve Whaley, corporate marketing manager for Fischer Homes.