Liseberg, the popular amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden, has announced it is to install a major new family dark ride known as Underland.

Underland will located in the children’s play area, Kaninlandet – Rabbit Land – and will replace the Children’s Theatre.

The new Underland ride is 190 metres in length, comprising of 18 individual vehicles, each carrying four riders. The attraction will transport visitors into the hidden world of rabbits.

The concept for Underland was developed by both Liseberg and England’s Quarry Fold Studio, creators of design solutions in 2D, 3D and motion. Its theming was devised by P&P Projects, specialists in the design and build of themed attractions.

The ride’s animatronics were developed by the art and fabrication studio, Lifeformations, and its system was produced by the Italian manufacturers of rides for the amusement park and carnival industries, Gosetto SRL.

Liseberg’s creative director, David Schofield, hints towards what visitors can look forward to with the arrival of Underland.

“Since the Rabbit Land was built in 2013, our guests have got to know the characters above ground. What the rabbits have done underground have been a secret – until now.”

Andreas Andersen, CEO and president at Liseberg, said:

“With the introduction of Valkyria in 2018, we had to remove an old children’s Dark Ride, Sagoslottet (the Fairy tale castle). We promised our guests that we would replace this with something bigger and better.

“That’s what we are doing now. With the new Dark Ride Underland we will set new standards for this type of experience in Sweden.”