Fantasy Island theme park in the UK has unveiled a projection mapped experience that brings The Mystical Mountain to life, creating a new feature area and twice daily show.

With the entertainment spanning into the evening, visitors are staying in the park for longer no matter what the weather, resulting in an increase in guest spend.

The Mountain has been created on existing 40ft high mountainous theming within an indoor area at the centre of the park. This used to be an atrium space but the ceiling has been covered to create the new atmospheric and highly themed leisure and relaxation destination.

Holovis produced the whole experience, starting with the narrative that underpins the show, and the Holovis Media concept and character artists created the lovable character of The Mystical Mountain.

The Holovis Attraction team of engineers specified and installed the three Barco F90 laser based projectors and the Green Hippo Hippotiser that bring the show visuals to life. 

The key shows take place at 1:00pm and 9:30pm, but during the day The Mountain can be seen sleeping, with butterflies sweeping past him and lizards inhabiting the lower rock faces. 

Within the show sequences, gushing water and explosive larva eruption visual effects are integrated perfectly with lighting, audio and SFX for a full multisensory experience.

“Due to the physical finish of the theming, which resembles uneven mountainous terrain, the mountain was not an easy surface to projection map on to,” explained Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis. 

“We first captured a lidar scan of the desired area then worked from the point source data obtained.

“The result is a multipurpose canvas that Fantasy Island can easily update with new seasonal shows throughout the year to keep audiences engaged.

“The main show takes place in the evening so guests are staying later into the day, increasing the spend per head and resulting in a tangible ROI benefit for the park owners and operators.”