Fantawild Oriental Heritage, the first large-scale theme park developed by Fantawild to be opened in Hubei, China, has officially opened its doors.

On its opening day, the high-tech theme park welcomed around 10,000 visitors.

The amusements site features 41 themed rides and attractions, and more than 200 landscape designs aimed at representing Chinese heritage and culture.

Some of the park’s key attractions include the Magic Gallery, Palace of Chu, which uses VR and live performance, Battle of Red Cliffs, Marvels of Chinese Culture, the Legend of Nüwa and Qu Yuan, an immersive holographic theatre, which combines holographic projection technology with live performance to relive the story of Qu Juan.

The new Fantawild theme park also has plenty to do for younger visitors, including a Tune Tour, Boonie Bears Theatre, and Pine Tree Rocket.

The park’s thrill rides include Galaxy Splash, the Legend of King Yu and the Grand Showman.

Within the Jingzhou theme park is also retail space, where visitors can purchase keepsakes centred on Chinese heritage, as well as merchandise for young Boonie Bear fans.