Turbo Track, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s latest thrill ride, is set to open to visitors at the end of March.

The roller coaster, which culminates 64m above Yas Island, will catapult guests vertically through the iconic red roof at a speed of 102km per hour before plunging them back down at zero gravity.

The top of the 64m-high track will become Yas Island’s highest point, and was created by the same team that built Formula Rossa.

Split into three separate stages, the ‘heart-pounding’ rollercoaster promises to give riders an authentic feel of what it’s like to become a Ferrari test driver.

Turbo Track will become the third ride to be launched at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in a 12-month period, following the opening of Flying Aces and Benno’s Great Race in 2016.