FlowRider, a leading name in the stationary wave machine industry and established in 1991, have announced a refreshed identity ‘to reflect that passion and forward-looking innovation externally.’

Through this refreshed image, the company will continue to be a key player in the water parks industry.

Since its creation, FlowRider has made over 250 waves globally. In 2009, FlowRider joined forces with WhiteWater, the market leader in the waterpark industry.

FlowRider state its mix of surfers and engineers are always developing new, innovative stationary wave technology, and this is now reflected in the brand identity.

“We haven’t had a true logo for a few years now, and we’re really excited to have a logo that is so representative of our product,” says Marshall Myrman, president of FlowRider. 

“This new branding really nails the curvature of our original FlowRider product, while also looking reminiscent of a river wave, which is what our newest product, FlowSurf, is based on. It perfectly ties together our past and our future.” 

Meanwhile, Una DeBoer, CMO of WhiteWater, added: “With the help of Origin, we’ve created a logo which better reflects the spirit of FlowRider. It is bold and energetic, and the injection of colour in the flow icon signifies the ‘sun and water’- the fun nature of flowboarding so beloved around the world.”