Project:Syntropy, creators of technologies and display solutions for dome cinemas and immersive attractions, has completed the delivery of a turnkey full dome AV solution for the Qin Palace flying theatre at Hengdian World Studios theme park in Dongyang, China.

The attraction features a 25m full dome screen, a 20+ multi-channel surround-sound system, show control, a 16-channel WUXGA 3D stereo 3DLP la­ser-phosphor projection system with 4×4 channel media serv­ers, and ProjectionTools multi-cam autocali­bration system. The system is also equipped with CCTV.

Project:Syntropy worked on the concept and system design, as well as the manufacturing of projector mounts. The installation and implementation of the complete AV system included calibration and staff training.

Hengdian World Studios theme park was built in the 1990s. The film studio was launched in 1996. With more than 2,200 Chinese and foreign films, alongside TV shows, the site is said to be the largest outdoor film studio in the world.