The key element of the ride will be a ‘beyond vertical’ 97-degree drop from a height of 100ft, before running through a number of thrill elements specifically developed for the Chertsey-based park.

With four loops, the new attraction will take the park up to number three in the world for total number of inversions, following on from Stealth, Nemesis Inferno and the 10-looping Colossus rides.

"Building on the successful launch of the park’s iconic ride Stealth in 2006, the new roller coaster will add an element of edge to an already adrenalin packed breadth of thrills on offer," said Peter Ronchetti, general manager.

"We are determined to establish Thorpe Park as the UK’s most thrilling attraction and adding this development to our current portfolio will certainly do that."

Located in the Canada Creek section, the ride will feature four inversions along its 2,362ft of track. Up to eight cars, each for eight passengers, will feature on the 100-second ride.