The Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Tokyo is to add two cages which imprison riders to its Ferris Wheel.

The “windswept cages” are coming to the park’s Shining Flower Ferris Wheel, which soars around 50 metres above Fuji-Q.

The temporary cages are made from stainless steel. In a statement about the new additions to the Ferris Wheel, the amusement park said: “Prisoners will be punished for about 11 minutes in a windswept cage, enjoying the thrill of seeing the ground far below through the gaps and enduring the ridicule of the surroundings.

“The seats are side by side for two so that you can reflect your sins toward the magnificent Mount Fuji that spreads out in front of you and change your mind as much as possible before you are released.”

The theme park added that the cages can be used as a place to “reflect and rehabilitate” on past bad deeds. If can also be used as a punishment game with friends and family.