Futura Form, specialists in design and theming and a subsidiary of Polin, has launched a brand-new product – golf-themed playgrounds designed to provide a new and exciting playing atmosphere for children of different ages.

For younger children up to the age of six, Futura Form’s small animated slides provide the perfect platform to climb, slide, discover and explore in a safe and fun environment.

Older children from 6 to 12 years old will have the opportunity to have equally as much fun, playing with larger toys, classical games and climbing on brightly-coloured climbing equipment.

Futura Form’s playgrounds are designed to be installed in compact areas. In addition to the golf concept, the playgrounds come in a diverse range of models, and designs, each of which comply with the highest standards in safety in the world.

Futura Form’s brightly-coloured slides and climbing equipment promise to make a great addition to parks and play areas wanting to create a new, fun, safe and exciting playing atmosphere for children.