Gateway Ticketing Systems, a world leader in ticketing software, admission control and revenue generation for the attractions industry, has expanded its strategic partnership with Service Systems Associates (SSA), a national leader in guest service operations for cultural attractions.

“SSA has a progressive strategy with their customers that recognises the multiple benefits of unifying the point-of-sale operations of ticketing, food and beverage and retail,” says Gateway’s director of business development, Scott Lobaugh.

“Not only does SSA’s staff seamlessly blend into the attraction, but the guest experience is cohesive across ticketing, food and retail – and even membership.”

Working with SSA and Gateway, Houston Zoo unified its operations and now uses Galaxy software for its ticketing, food and beverage and retail operations.

“Gateway is – and always has been – focused on helping attractions increase revenue, streamline operations and enhance the guest experience,” said John Lucas, vice president of business development for SSA.

“Their integrated point-of-sale software solutions fit perfectly in those situations where our clients look to exploit the many benefits of an integrated technology offering.”