A 128 metre Ferris Wheel is to be built at the Xinghai Plaza in the city of Dalian, in the southern tip of China’s Liaoning Province.

An investment agreement for the tourist attraction was signed in June 2021, between Jinma Cultural Tourism Development Co. Ltd. and various parties, for the supply and operation of the giant Ferris Wheel.

Jinma Cultural Tourism Development Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary that is owned by Jinma Rides. The subsidiary was founded in 2019 and is focused on the investment and development of cultural tourism projects in China.

Labelled as the Dalian Eye, the Ferris Wheel will stand at a lofty 128 metres tall. It will feature sleek, state-of-the-art capsules, which are designed to provide a 720-degree panoramic view. The wheel will be supported over the water by a cantilever spar cable-stayed support system.

Being situated at the coast and boasting a mild climate, the city of Dalian is a popular Chinese tourist destination for both domestic and foreign travellers. The installation of the huge Ferris Wheel is expected to provide Dalian with additional momentum for tourism growth.