One of China’s leading amusement ride manufacturers, Golden Horse Amusement Equipment Company, has opened its first waterpark in Zhongshan, Guangdong province.

Changjiang Water World opened its doors on July 16. Golden Horse was the sole investor in the project, and the group completed all the design and construction work, with a view to making the park one of the region’s most popular tourist attractions.

The completed first phase of Changjiang Water World occupies an area of 100,000sq.m and consists of several zones and attractions, including: Rainforest Tribe, Kid’s World, Jungle Drifting, Thrill Swirl, Free Fall, Space Spiral, Mermaid Square and Aegean Bay.

"The water in the park is from the Changjiang Reservoir, the biggest local ecological river surrounded by a forest and mountains," Golden Horse said. "The park has adopted a new, high-tech water purifying and circulation system."

Up to 4,000 visitors have been visiting Changjiang Water World every day since the resort opened.