Strategic leisure consultancy DP Associates has witnessed "clear signs" that the leisure industry is coming out of a relatively quiet period as the effects of the worldwide recession begin to recede.

The UK-based consultancy, which is currently involved in a variety of projects within the theme park and visitor attractions sector, has a varied client portfolio, having worked on a diverse range of projects – from the redevelopment of a well-known, traditional seaside amusement park in the UK to a brand new FEC project in Abu Dhabi.

Founder and managing director Duncan Phillips has he is seeing a return of confidence and investment in the many projects DPA is involved in as well as elsewhere.

"There is definitely more confidence and an increased amount of activity throughout the attractions industry," stated, "both in our home territory of the UK and throughout the world.

"Not surprisingly, with the way the global economy has been of late, many new projects and developments have been either cancelled or postponed, while existing operators have been extremely cautious where new investment has been concerned.

"However, we can see from the inquiries we are receiving that things are moving forward again in pretty much all sectors of the attractions industry, be it theme parks, FECs, animal attractions, heritage sites, museums and others.

"Venues are getting busier, more investment is being made and more projects are on the go. It looks like things are really starting to move again."