Holovis, creators of immersive attractions using next-generation technology, has launched 360Golf, an immersive family gaming and mini golf experience.

360Golf features automated scoring and fully customisable themed courses. Specialised golf balls can be assigned to each player, meaning the number of strokes a player has taken can be tracked. A digital scoreboard shows every players’ progress throughout the game, thereby eliminating the need for scorecards and pencils, as well as disputes over shots.

The new mini golf course is equipped with sensors which trigger lighting, projection, audio cues, and special effects when the ball is hit and when it collides with certain objects.

To create the new mini golf experience, Holovis teamed up with Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS) to combine their 30 plus years mini golf design expertise.

Scott Lundmark, president of AGS, commented on the collaboration: “We are truly excited about our partnership with Holovis to leverage their high-tech capabilities and combine them with our mini golf design experience to create a fun, new product for many venues.”

Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis, said: “360Golf is a fantastic blend of our innovative technology with classic family fun – our full creative capability from design to fabrication allows us to create a course for any location with nearly unlimited customisation to the theming and gameplay of the course.”