Aquatopia Water Park opened in 2016 in Australia. Its initial offerings included a large splash pad, 10-metre waterslide tower and large aquatic play structure. 

For its latest expansion, the waterpark decided to add a boogie boarding, learn to surf wave pool, courtesy of ADG.

Its specifications entail a 13,000 Sq. Feet pool area with 3-feet spilling breaker waves and the option to run as a traditional wave pool. Overall, 900+ riders an hour can enjoy the attraction at its capacity.

“Fairfield City has invested in providing affordable activities for families. Aquatopia is a fun and affordable day out for residents and their friends and family and has become a must-visit for families from western Sydney and beyond,” said Mayor Carbone. 

“With the addition of breaking waves, visitors can enjoy a day at the beach without the travel. It is the fun, affordable and safe way for families to stay cool and active in the warmer months.”

A spokesperson for ADG commented: “ADG’s Breaker Beach Boogie Boarding ride brings your guests the experience of real ocean surf in a controlled boogie boarding pool with near limitless capacity and excitement. It’s the perfect wave every time but with a new experience every ride for continuous action they’ll want to come back for time and again.

“Our new product continues to thrill riders and gives maximum waves throughout with the new boogie boarding wave pool – guaranteeing the perfect rolling surf wave every time, and with the capability to dispatch two riders every eight seconds so there are virtually no lines!”