The Wild West themed park OK Corral in southern France has a new rollercoaster. Named Pioneer, it’s quite an eye-catcher!

Pioneer features two 12-seater trains, each composed of six horses and three twin-seat chariots. With this seating configuration, the ride has been designed to be accessible to the widest range of visitors. Supplied by the German manufacturer Zierer, it boasts 500 metres of track, a highest point of 25m and a top speed of 65km/h. Guests as short as 1m are entitled to ride.

The attraction has been installed in a newly developed area of the park in Cuges-les-Pins, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. The family-owned facillity is operated by Mathjis Bembon from the famous Dutch amusement park dynasty.

Zierer has supplied no fewer than four rollercoasters this year to France. This includes three coasters at the new Parc Spirou, located about 135km from OK Corral in Monteux.