Oriental Land Company (OLC), owner of Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan, is set to overhaul its part-time employee system next year.

According to the group, the changes to the system involve an expansion in Disney educational programmes, the introduction of training programmes for business skills, and a revamp of the wage system.

The changes are aimed at enabling part-time employees – who make up the majority of the resort’s cast members – to feel that they are “experiencing personal growth through the acquisition of knowledge and skills relating to guest service”, and to make the time they spend as cast members more fulfilling, OLC said.

“We have already decided to designate the 821 persons who are currently employed as ‘Theme Park Employees’ (fixed-term employment) as ‘Theme Park Operators’ (indefinite-term employment),” the company stated.

“By making such changes to our employment system, we will create an environment in which our employees can feel that their jobs are worthwhile and that they are growing as individuals to a greater extent than in the past.

“By doing this, we will strengthen our human resource capabilities to further improve the hospitality provided at Tokyo Disney Resort.”