HUSS Park Attractions GmbH, a leading name in the development, manufacture and sale of amusement rides around the world, has launched a new addition to its product range – the Break Dance 5.

The innovative attraction follows in the footsteps of the company’s original and successful Break Dance ride.

Break Dance 5 was launched at IAAPA Expo Europe, which took place in Barcelona in September. The design of the attraction is based on the ‘secret Break Dance formula’, which was created for the original Break Dance ride.

The new attraction incorporates the HUSS Operator Centre Stage, with multi-media and special effects. The Operator Centre Stage is a new location for the operator, which becomes part of the ‘show’, interacting with guests and taking full control of the entire ride experience.

The ride features a decagonal main disc, with a diameter of less than 18m. The main disc carries fived cross-shaped gyros each with four gondolas, which have capacity for two passengers.

Commenting on the addition of the Break Dance 5 to the company’s portfolio of attractions, Mirko Schulze, CEO of HUSS, said: “The Break Dance has been a highlight of our product range for many years and our most successful ride to date. With the introduction of the Break Dance 5 we have brought the concept right up to date with a brand new design and a host of features that add further to an already very popular ride experience. With the different ride programs available it is suitable for both families and thrill seekers and we are confident it will prove a popular choice for operators of all types of parks.”