The IALEI board of directors met during Fun Expo in Las Vegas on March 10 and voted to talk further with IAAPA about absorbing the organisation into IAAPA’s operations. The IALEI board appointed a task force of members to work out the details with IAAPA.  

"Approximately six months ago, we started a thorough review of the future of our organization, the way we do business, and how we support our members," said IALEI chairman Richard Sanfilippo.

"As a result of those conversations, we carefully considered a number of options, but the board felt merging into IAAPA was the best long-term decision for our organization and our members."

Sanfilippo added: "We have always considered IAAPA as an association with common interests and one which we have partnered with over the years to benefit our members.

"Many of our board members, association leaders, and founders have been involved in leadership roles within IAAPA and we feel the combined resources and leadership will create one strong voice for the FEC industry."