Following a plethora of successful European installations, Dutch ride photography systems and attractions souvenir group Image+ Digital remains focused on integrating the latest technologies into its theme park solutions.

Image+ operates in line with a simple, yet crucial philosophy: visitors who spend a fun-packed day at a theme park or similar attraction want those good memories to last. An operator’s best sales promotion, therefore, is a top-quality photograph.

However, as company director Jan Bijl states: "This philosophy alone won’t get you the results you want. And that is where Image+ comes in. We offer a truly in-depth working relationship. It pays to team up with us, the successes we have had in Europe attest to that."

The group’s biggest new project this year was integrating its ride photography system at Dutch Water Dreams, located in the Dutch city of Zoetermeer. All photos at the venue are identified either in a timeframe period or with passive RFID. Visitors can select, pay for and print their photos using unmanned, remote order terminals.