Innovative Leisure, suppliers of adventure attraction products for venues and operators, have extended its high ropes course at Universe Park in Denmark.

Universe is centred on learning through a range of activities and experiences. In 2017, the park, which fuses technology and science, installed a two-level Sky Trail Explorer high ropes course.

Innovative Leisure have been tasked with adding another level to the course, as a means of increasing capacity to accommodate for the park’s visitors.

The Sky Trail is one of the most used attractions at Universe, hence why the operators wanted to see it expanded.

The ropes course now boasts a third level, meaning it now stands at 15m high and can accommodate up to 60 participants at any one time. Users can experience 37 different elements, including an all-new Sky Rail Zip on the third level, the first of its kind in Europe.

Troels Nim Andersen, project manager at Universe, commented: “In this project we added one more floor to the existing Sky Trail high ropes.

“We also focus more on science learning by moving in height. Along the way, we give guests hints at what happens to their bodies when they are high up and why it happens compared to the same activity on the ground. The new zip on the third floor is quite special. It’s curved, so you start by setting off into nothing. The whole flying experience is amplified,” he added.