Sally Dark Rides, a leading design and manufacture of dark ride attractions, has started the installation on The Great Humbug Adventure. The newly reimagined dark ride is being installed at Santa’s Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire, US.

The dark ride will combine new features with old classics, reliving the much-loved tale of The Great Humbug Adventure. Guests are taken on a ride through the mansion of Ebenezer Scrooge and past the many peeved humbugs that have taken over his vast estate. Riders are encouraged to tickle the humbugs using a special Giggle Gadget to stop them getting up to mischief.

A new queue experience will feature an animatronic Scrooge alongside a mischievous humbug.  After being hit, a humbug target changes colour, as visitors battle to hit the highest number of pesky humbugs and score the most points.

Jim Miller of Santa’s Village comments: “It’s definitely exciting to see the progress and all the unique features as they’re added, and we’re all looking forward to taking our turns at tickling the humbugs and sharing this ride with our guests.

The dark ride features seven 4-passenger ride vehicles, with a capacity of 500 people per hour. When Santa’s Village reopens when it is safe to do so, it will mark the attraction’s 20th anniversary, making the launch of the newly reimagined dark ride even more special.