Intamin, ride design and manufacturing specialists, has announced a complete upgrade to its ‘Surf Family’ coasters.

The upgrades are known as the Surf Rider 2.0, which is available in two sizes, and the Ultra Surf, which has significantly increased capacity. The upgrades are powered by what’s hailed as the most powerful LSM launch system.

The upgrades comprise of larger, state-of-the-art free-spinning gondolas, which feature 20 seats instead of 12, enabling operators to achieve almost double the ride capacity every hour. The weight of the rides has also been significantly reduced due to the use of lightweight construction materials and techniques.

With two beyond vertical, ejector intense gravity stall ramps, the Ultra Surf boasts large amount of airtime and weightlessness moments. With free-spinning vehicles, riders experience the feeling of floating and spinning through the air. With a shutter-style coaster design on a compact footprint, parks can acquire an extended coaster feeling with up to 600m of experienced track on just 180m of physical track.

The Surf Rider 2.0 features a redesigned vehicle with reduced weight and almost double instant capacity. It also boasts a more powerful spin.

The Surf Rider 2.0 is available in two sizes, both with compact footprints. One extends for 30m in height and the larger version reaches a total height of 40m. The ride is also available with a controlled spin incitation.