Intamin, a leading international amusement ride manufacturer and rollercoaster supplier, has revealed details of four new ride concepts.

The Vertical LSM Coaster has a height of 47m and is the most compact launch coaster in the world. The ride has a track length of 279m but travels a distance of 566m due to its forward-backward-forward launch. The triple coaster reaches a maximum speed of 106km/h.

The Hot Racer is a versatile rollercoaster boasts several different launch sequences, racing, or duelling layouts. The coaster can be built with or without inversions, depending on the requirements of a theme park. The Hot Racer utilises the same seats and restraint system as Intamin’s latest LSM trains and can run on highly dynamic layouts.

The Giga Splash comprises of a vertical 50m-high rotating lift which is followed by a 40m high down-chute. The ride’s 24-passenger boat drops at an angle of 87 degrees at a speed of 100km/h when it enters the water.

Another new ride concept by Intamin is the Ultra Splash. Based on a shuttle style design, the Ultra Splash features an LSM powered backward-forward-backward launch. The launch propels the 24-passenger boats to speeds of up to 94km/h on a u-shaped track which ends in a splash landing.