Intercard, a world leader in cashless technology for the attractions industry, has completed an installation at Grand Prix Family Race Park, the popular go-cart attraction site at Myrtle Beach.

The installation of the new major arcade means visitors at the go-cart resort can play around 75 games in the huge 20,000 square metre space.

Broadway Grand Prix at Myrtle Beach is run by Lazarus Entertainment Group. The installation of the cashless arcade was the Group’s first venture with a cashless technology system.

Garrett Watts, director of operations at the Grand Prix Family Race Park, said: “We wanted to upgrade our whole arcade and bring in some new games and new attractions for our guests. And we thought that adding a cashless system would go a long way for the ease of use for our guests, but also for our operations as well.”

Plans are in motion to revamp the whole of Grand Prix Family Race Park at Myrtle Beach in the next two years and consolidate all attractions into the cashless system.