The International Theme Park Services (ITPS) has launched a new live podcast called I’M4FUN. The podcast features Dennis Speigel, founder and CEO of ITPS, who has been a passionate figure in the theme park, amusement and leisure industry for over 50 years.

Such is his prevalence and status in the sector that Dennis Speigel is often fondly referred to as “Mr Theme Park”.

Speigel began his career in the industry at 13 years old, collecting tickets at an amusement site. Speigel’s company, ITPS, has been involved in more than 500 projects in 50 different countries.

During each podcast Speigel engages with fellow figures from the industry, conducting honest discussions about their challenges and successes in a fun, entertaining and motivating way.

In the podcast series, Speigel goes behind-the-scenes uncovering insights about every aspect of the theme park and amusement industry.

Joining Dennis Speigel in the opening podcast is Jim Seay, president and owner of Premier Rides. Like Speigel, Seay is an industry expert as an internationally respected figure.

During the inaugural recording, Speigel and Seay will discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted theme park manufacturers and suppliers on both a short and long-term basis. The two industry icons will also discuss their insights on how the sector has been performing.

The first ITPS I’M4FUN podcast is being broadcast live on September 9 at 10am Eastern Time (US and Canada).

To view the podcast live and register for future access and follow-up information, visit  Zoom: To listen to the podcast on September 9, visit or on Apple Podcasts.