Formula One, a globally enjoyed motorsport, is to launch its first experience.

The governing body of Formula 1 have announced this month they are to produce an international travelling exhibition detailing the past, present and future of the sport.

Known as ‘the Formula 1 Exhibition,’ the experience will include historic artefacts and film archives in an access-all-areas approach which is unique to the sport.

Featured at the experience will be iconic cars raced by F1 World Champions and material from the most celebrated drivers throughout history.

The experience will be curated by Formula One’s most talented creative minds to bring to life the sport in a first of its kind way.

Manhattan West, an investment company, will team up with Round Room Studios to produce the experience. Round Room Studios are well versed in curating experiences with Jurassic World: The Exhibition and Mandela: The Official Exhibition. A notable success story.

Brandon Snow, Commercial Managing Director of Formula 1 said: “Formula 1 has seen explosive growth over recent years, and our growing fan base is at the heart of everything we do. The launch of a world-class international exhibition for fans around the world to experience and enjoy, led by a best-in-class production company, is a natural next step for our sport.

“Having watched its creative development come to life, we couldn’t be more excited by this project’s potential – it takes audiences ‘behind the curtain’ and celebrates F1’s rich history and heritage like never before.

“This will be a destination for every fan and we’re grateful to the many organisations and personalities from across Formula 1 that have contributed to this spectacular new show.”

Fans of F1 will be able to apply for tickets this autumn.