The Osaka Wheel, Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel, aims to give its guests more ‘hunger’ to ride as passengers are able to sample the traditional Japanese soup of oden, a winter hot pot dish in one of its 10 specially equipped gondolas.

Curious passengers will now have more ‘food for thought’ to ride to indulge in oden while sampling beautiful views of the Japanese skyline. 

Meanwhile, the experience will be made toastier for riders with the instalment of a heated Kotatsu table.

The Osaka Wheel, standing at 403ft, will run until the end of February.

The wheel has a capacity of 72 cabins and can cater for a maximum of six people, 

The culinary option on-board the wheel first began in December with 1,500 passengers taking up the idea until now.

The Osaka Wheel first started turning on 1 July, 2016 and the attraction offers a think outside the box concept; six gondolas are specific for selfies with four further gondolas proving guests with a horror themed experience.

Image: Osaka Wheel