Jora Vision, a leading European theme attraction design and build company, have been working with Turcultur, a Portuguese tourism company, to design and a new experience that revisits the story of the shattering earthquake that hit Lisbon in 1755.

The 1,200 sq. mt. experience is named the ‘QUAKE Lisbon Earthquake Centre’. The attraction features a 90-minute walk-through experience that is divided into 11 timed and show-controlled scenes.

State-of-the-art project mapping, simulations, themed environments, interactive exhibits and special effects will bring the earthquake experience, which devastated Lisbon in 1755, to life.

QUAKE will be located in a new building in the Belem area of Lisbon. Marco Ruzza, creative director at Jora Vision, elaborated on what guest can expect when visiting the QUAKE: “QUAKE challenges you to unlock the knowledge about the 1755 earthquake. Visitors of the experience will literally step back 260 years in time to re-live the event. They will be guided in groups of 24 persons through the different scenes of the experience.

“Starting in an abandoned laboratory, they will be first introduced to a professor. The visitors will be challenged with the task to travel back in time, to find important missing documents and bring them back to the Professor.

“However, such a trip has risks. Visitors will have to be trained for what they are going to re-live and need, at the same time, to find a way to return to the present. Not to spoil too much, visitors will walk through the streets of the lost city, re-visit the horrors and wonders, and watch the drama unfold around them.

“They get the opportunity to meet the heroes and villains from that time and experience being at the heart of the earthquake itself, eventually leading to a major political, scientific and historical transformation,” Ruzza continued.

The QUAKE Lisbon Earthquake Centre is due to open to the public in 2021.