Jumanji The Adventure, the first ride in the world to be fully themed on the popular Sony Pictures’ film franchise, is to open at Gardaland on April 2, 2022.

Guests will be transported into a world that replicates the Jumanji game, where they will make their way through a mythical jungle journey facing animals and obstacles. Racing against the clock, participants will be faced with the task of returning the precious jewel to the legendary temple and save Jumanji.

Guests will come face-to-face with animatronics, including a huge hippo which emerges from the swamp and a spider that drops onto the vehicle. A roaring stone giant bursting out of a cave will also take guests by surprise.

The world comprises of 12 scenes inspired by some of the most well-known scenes from the film. Guests travel through the world aboard special wagons, which resemble off-road vehicles. Each vehicle has a capacity of six people.

The multi-motion vehicles will encounter obstacles, hazards and special audio and video effects, as they make their way round the jungle of Jumanji.