The popular film based on an adventurous board game is set to have its own themed hotel complex.

Gardaland in Italy have created four fully-themed Jumanji rooms in a world’s first.

In addition to these four themed rooms, Gardaland Resort boasts 261 entirely themed rooms from 475 rooms, offering an immersive experience ranging from fantasy and magic to adventure and targeted for all the family.

Guests can experience an authentic adventure through the Jumanji jungle to be ‘transported’ from the hotel to the game.

Jumanji themed hotel coming to Gardaland

Jumanji themed hotel coming to Gardaland

The journey continues into a temple with branches and three-dimensional plants covering the ceiling. Growing among the rocks is a giant jaguar head, iconic symbol of Jumanji jungle – guarding and defending the room from hippos and cobras etched on the walls.

Props include telescopes, maps and luggage rack made from old wooden crates are tributes to the film.

The hotel accompanies Gardaland’s exciting 2022 attraction of its new dark ride, Jumanji The Adventure, which cost £16m. The experience is the first themed Jumanji attraction worldwide, based on Sony Pictures’ highly successful film franchise.

The ride will open on 2 April and its animatronics are sure to amaze visitors.

In the last few years there has been an increasing trend for visitors to favour destinations that are able to create an experience: entertaining, surprising and transporting people to other worlds”, commented Aldo Maria Vigevani, Gardaland’s Managing Director.

“The themed rooms of our three hotels respond perfectly to this need, allowing families to continue the adventure that began in the Park even during the night, and to live a unique and all-embracing experience. The Jumanji themed rooms will immerse guests in the wild jungle and allow them to experience the adventures of the protagonists of the franchise first hand”.