Junming Happy World, a real-life urban gaming and tourism complex in Guangzhou, China, is to develop the first SEGA Joypolis in South China.

SEGA Joypolis is a leading indoor theme park brand established by the Japanese entertainment group SEGA. SEGA Joypolis parks can be found in Japan, Shanghai, Qingdao and Dubai.

The SEGA Joypolis being built at Junming Happy World will extend an area of 18,000 sq. mt., surpassing the size of the ones in Tokyo, Shanghai and Qingdao.

The Guangzhou SEGA Joypolis will boast over 40 large-scale attractions, as well as a ‘first of its kind’ ride, which will be equipped with electronic technology games and world-leading VR/AR technology.

Guangzhou SEGA Joypolis has been hailed as the ‘world’s largest CA SEGA Joypolis’. It is expected to open sometime in 2021.