The Jurassic Quest drive-thru experience, featuring over 70 photorealistic dinosaurs, is coming to Southern California in 2021.

Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego will welcome what Is the largest touring dinosaur exhibition in the United States.

The car parking areas of four different venues in Southern California will be transformed into an interactive drive-thru experience. Guests will get up close to over 70 life-like and moving dinosaurs

The dinosaurs, as well as a huge Megalodon over 50-feet in length, will be displayed in various authentic scenes.

Visitors will also be able to meet ‘baby’ dinosaurs, as well as the team of dinosaur trainers responsible for bringing the authenticity of the dinos to life. There will also be photo opportunities available, all whilst adhering to Covvid-19 health and safety protocol.

The Jurassic Quest drive-thru tour was launched in the US in mid-July 2020. More than 1.5 million people in 300,000 vehicles have attended the experience in a wealth of locations, including New York, Dallas, Philadelphia and Boston.

The audio tour is geared up for all ages and is available in English and Spanish, and caters for the hearing impaired.