Ka’ana Wave Co., creators of innovative surf solutions, has announced a series of new wave pool solutions.

Following the successful pilot of a portable wave system, Ka’ana Wave Co. is currently developing a catalogue of dynamic wave shapes. The innovative system is capable of creating any type of wave in a body of water for all types of guests.

The inspiration behind the new surf product was found when the company’s CEO Jamie Watson was on holiday in Peru and observing water barrelling on a box drain.

Watson described how the technology works: “In the space right now, you have lagoon surf pools and stationery wave machines. Everything on the market fits into one category or the other. So where do we fit? We are stationery, but we are also deep water, and in a pool. We’re a “Stationery Wave Pool.” A new category. Add to that, we are aso bathymetry-agnostic, which is new in the space.

“I [had] this colossal challenge to create a stationary, continuous, bathymetry- agnostic, deepwater wave. As I thought more, I could see even greater implications. If I could make surfing accessible to me, I could make surfing accessible to others. I could share the experience of surfing with those who didn’t, otherwise, have access.”

The technology means that venues such as waterparks, resorts, hotels and more, can offer surfing with a stationery wave added to an existing swimming pool.