Bobbejaanland in Lichtaart, Belgium, has cut the ribbon its latest themed attraction – the colossal, 24-seat King Kong ride.
Based on the popular movie and developed by Huss in partnership with animation and theming specialists Heimo animated attractions Mordelt, the family ride features innovative ride movements and a set of impressive visual effects.
The 24-passenger open gondola is lifted up 12.5 m and shaken by King Kong himself, who, when the ride is at full height, peers menacingly into the eyes of the riders and roars. The attraction is actuated by a hydraulic system whereby the passengers enter the gondola on the ground floor, before King Kong stands up and lifts the gondola at the same time.
The ride adds to Huss’ growing stable of family attractions, which includes the iconic Airboat, Bee Bee, Fly Willy and Topple Tower rides.