Kings Island, the 364-acre amusement park in Ohio, is celebrating its 48th birthday. The theme park opened on April 29, 1972.

On opening, Kings Island was home to around 60 attractions. The family-friendly amusement site and waterpark now boasts more than 100 rides. The park’s Orion giga coaster, one of only seven giga coasters in the world, is set to open in 2020.

Initially, the park was operated with around 1,300 employees. Today, the huge theme park and waterpark requires around 5,000 members of staff.

Kings Island is operated by Cedar Fair, which has announced that during the COVID-19 pandemic as the park remains shut, 2020 Season Passes for Kings Island will be valid for the 2021 season.

Once the park reopens, Regular, Gold and Platinum Season Passes, as well as 2020 Pass Ad-Ons, will be automatically valid and will be extended into next year’s season.