"There is a lot of interest in this ride, especially from parks," KMG’s Jack Souilljee told InterPark. "We are ready to take orders."

He concedes that, with financing an issue blighting many of his customers – particularly the travelling showmen, that this ‘mega ride’ may not sell as well as some of the company’s other products.

"However, as our customers know, we protect them by giving exclusivity. This reduces the competition and the resale is easy," he said.

The XXL, a ride in the mould of two of the company’s other big hits – the After Burner and Freakout – features a swing height of 45m and offers forces up to 5G.

It has double lap bar locking, a Pilz safety system and is constructed in compliance with German TÜV and EU certification.

The trailer-mounted ride is available in 20-seat park or travelling versions, as well as 24-seat and 32-seat park versions.

KMG also has a number of new projects in the pipeline, including a 55m Ferris wheel, the Twistic family ride, the Airtime high thrill ride and Mforce, a new kind of simulator.