A new ‘mega coaster’ designed by Intamin has opened in the Walibi Belgium theme park in Brussels. Kondaa opened on May 8, 2021 at the park’s new themed area known as “Exotic World.”

The mega coaster comprises of 1,200 metres of track. It reaches speed of up to 113 km/h and features 16 airtime moments, more than any other steel coaster in the world.

A 45-degree lift takes riders 50 metres above ground. The train then dives into its first side twisting 80-degree drop. The train then whizzes over airtime hills, banked airtime hills, the world’s first non-inverting cobra roll and over a world-first wall stall with two seconds of weightlessness.

The train then changes direction and flies over more thrilling elements, including another world-first side-banked double down. A 180-degree turn brings the train into its themed station.

Intamin says it is “thankful and equally proud of having contributed to the continued success of Walibi Belgium.”