The Ghost Hunt family dark ride at Lake Compounce amusement park in Connecticut has been upgraded to provide a better interactive visitor experience.

Lagotronics Projects provided a new interactive system for the attraction, without altering the ride’s existing story.

Ghost Hunt now features LED shooters, new speakers and personal scoring displays in the vehicles.

The interactive devices offer increased accuracy, a larger shooting range and audio feedback when fired in order to increase the enjoyment of those brave enough to collect ghouls for points.

The system was supplied by Lagotronics’ US distributor, Ride Entertainment.

“The technology allows us to utilise software that offers parks interactivity which wasn’t available 10 years ago,” said Mark Beumers, CEO of Lagotronics Projects.

“Our systems not only offer reliability for park owners, but the storytelling technology that we provide is different than other companies.

“With our ability to change scoring difficulty, output results to social media and integrate our technology into existing attractions we feel that Lagotronics is offering a guest experience unlike anyone else in the attractions industry.”