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IMS Museum restoration complete in 2025

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Guests will be able to start their engines as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) will be completed in April of next year.

The restored museum will feature the history and celebrations of one of motorsports most fabled sports races.

The upgrades will see a new walkway, new flagpoles, new windows and the limestone Indy car statues moved.

The IMS Museum will also house a huge immersive video board covering the floor until the ceiling, which will simulate the Indianapolis 500 race day experience. 

The experience will include the opening cannon firing, the traditional flyover, the ceremonial “Start your engines” procedure before leading to the race itself with all the glitz and glamour that follows one of the most famous races on the planet.

An investment of £70m has been made to reinvigorate the IMS Museum, which was originally opened in 1976. 

Images: IMS Museum

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