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Landmark moment for Emerald Park as Tír Na nÓg opens

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A day which has long been etched in the history of Emerald Park in Ireland has arrived with the opening of Tír Na nÓg.

It is Emerald Park’s first fully themed and immersive land set on an 6.5 acre Celtic-themed area at the Co Meath park.

“We are thrilled to unveil Tír Na nÓg after seven years of dedicated work and innovation,” said Managing Director, Charles Coyle on the opening day. 

“This new addition to Emerald Park is not only our commitment to creating unparalleled experiences but also a landmark in amusement park attractions with Europe’s longest intertwining coasters right here in Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

Tír Na nÓg is the setting for the duel intertwining rollercoasters, ‘Na Fianna Force’ and ‘The Quest’, the longest intertwining family and thrill coasters in Europe.

Nearly two years was spent constructing the twin rides to the tune of £18.75m. Leading ride manufactures from the Netherlands, Vekoma, were tasked with the build of this unique duel rollercoaster experience.

‘Na Fianna Force’ is a suspended thrill coaster, topping out at 32-metres (104ft) and racing around at a top speed of 90km/h (56mph). The coaster features a host of inversions such as a 360 zero-G roll and an upward helix, making for five thrilling upside down experiences.

‘The Quest’ is a family boomerang rollercoaster which will delve deep into Tír Na nÓg. The ride will travel upwards towards a ruined castle tower at up to 60km/h (37mph) and a height of 25-metres (82ft). Riders will be propelled both forward and backwards, dive through trenches and travel through the castle.

Emerald Park worked with local suppliers for the theming of Tír Na nÓg, creating 60 jobs. The list of props is impressive with 30 swords, 70 shields, 120 arrows, 70 spears and 15 bows hand crafted by local Blacksmith of the Boyne Valley, An Gobha, from Bohermeen, Navan, Co. Meath.

More than 500 mature native Irish trees will be planted across the site with a further 50,000 plants used to create a wild natural landscape.

More than 2,400 tonnes of concrete were used to create the mythical themed towers and buildings throughout Tír Na nÓg.

Image: Emerald Park

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