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Yoto Launches ‘Wildlife Defenders’ Audio Card With Merlin And Chessington World

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Following the success of the SEA LIFE TRUST and sea defenders card in 2023, this collaboration marks the second audio adventure card produced in partnership with Merlin Entertainments. The new story is inspired by the endangered animals at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, with 20% of profits going to the Chessington Conservation fund.

Yoto, the audio platform for kids behind the acclaimed and award-winning screen-free Yoto Player and Yoto Mini, announced the launch of a new card in partnership with Merlin Entertainments Group. ‘BrainBots: Wildlife Defenders’ is available on and at Chessington World of Adventures, priced at £7.99. Twenty percent of profits will support Chessington Conservation (CC), a charity dedicated to protecting nature and wildlife through conservation work and education locally and worldwide.

BrainBots: Wildlife Defenders is a 30-minute audio adventure for kids, teaching them how to protect endangered wildlife. The story features Yoto’s BrainBots – Nellie, Buzz, and Gibbs – on a mission to track down missing information about endangered and vulnerable animals for the Central Information Hub. As they learn about the animals and the challenges they face, the BrainBots decide they want to help them too. Kids can join the trio as they explore some of the world’s most endangered creatures, inspired by the animals at Chessington, including Humboldt penguins, Rothschild giraffes, Southern White rhinos, and Colombian Spider monkeys. An interactive quiz at the end tests their knowledge with fun BrainBank facts.

“We believe in the boundless potential of young explorers to shape a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet. This new Wildlife Defender card aligns perfectly with this vision, and we are delighted to continue our partnership with Merlin Entertainments and add to our popular Yoto Original’s BrainBots IP, bringing more fun and educational audio to our listeners. By raising awareness and inspiring action, we aim to empower children to protect the natural world around them. Beyond sparking curiosity and knowledge, we’re proud to donate 20% of the profits from this card to support Chessington Conservation’s crucial work in safeguarding endangered species and their habitats around the world,” said Ben Drury, CEO of Yoto.

“Chessington World of Adventures Resort is thrilled to announce this partnership between Yoto and our dedicated charity, Chessington Conservation. This collaboration highlights a pivotal step in our ongoing commitment to protect nature and educate families about conserving wildlife. Through this partnership and the integration of Yoto cards at the resort, we hope to enrich our guest experience and empower our community with the tools and knowledge to safeguard our planet’s precious ecosystems. This ongoing relationship with Yoto also demonstrates Merlin Entertainments’ dedication to environmental stewardship on a global scale,” stated a representative from Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

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