Plans are in motion to expand Legoland Florida’s theme park with a 4.5-acre development. The expansion is known as Project Venus. According to permit requests, it will involve the current parking lot at the theme park being developed into a new attraction area.

Speculation is circulating that the new area will feature a rollercoaster, a spinner ride, a water play area and a drop tower attraction. Rumours are also in motion about the theming of the new area, with a space or mythical themes being flagged up, based on the name Project Venus.

However, Legoland Florida has yet to confirm the expansion and give any concrete details about the plans.

Though a spokesperson for Legoland hinted at an impending expansion, stating: “We’re always looking for opportunities to build new attractions and experiences for families at Legoland Florida Resort as the ultimate vacation destination for kids. We’re excited for out next ‘big build’ at the Legoland Florida Resort, but you’ll have to wait until next year for more expansion news.”