Using Lo-Q’s VQ2020 virtual queue management system, Mirabilandia guests will have the opportunity to rent the handheld wireless Q-bot device, which allows them to reserve places in the queue line.

The reservations are arranged so that all guests wait the same time for the ride, but Q-bot users are free to enjoy park restaurants, shops or gardens while they wait.

Q-bot uses true virtual queuing and allows guests to make reservations for their favourite rides from anywhere within the park. Once a ride is reserved, the guest is placed in virtual queue, thereby avoiding physical waiting times.

The Lo-Q installation will include an initial batch of 370 Q-bots, and is expected to be completed in time for the busy Easter period.

Claudio Bertozzi, CEO of Mirabilandia, said: "We’re very proud to be the first Park in Italy – and one of the first ones in Europe – to offer our visitors an electronic reservation service to have access to rides without having to wait in the line.

"This follows our recent ride investments – Reset and iSpeed – and shows Mirabilandia is pleased to implement additional services to make our guests visit at Mirabilandia more and more pleasant and comfortable."